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Routine Family Dental Care

Our Practice policy of Preventive Dental Care recommends regular appointments with your Dentist accompanied with a visit to see your Dental Hygienist

Regular visits

  • Minimise the need for more extensive dental treatment in the future
  • Look out for early signs of mouth cancer
  • Maintain oral health to prevent bleeding gums, loose teeth and bad breath

Our philosophy is to treat you as an individual. We focus on quality long term treatment plans and not just a quick fix to a current problem!

And remember

  • Our dentists have been with us for many years so you will always see a familiar face you can trust
  • And wherever possible we use tooth coloured, mercury free fillings at no additional cost

We are delighted to offer our own (optional) dental membership scheme. This allows you to spread the cost of regular examinations and hygiene visits and also gives you discounts on all routine and cosmetic treatments.  Our adult plan costs just £12.00 per month and provides you with

  • 2 examinations per year
  • 2 visits to see our hygienist
  • All necessary x-rays
  • 10% off all dental treatment including Implants

 We are now able to offer our Patients Interest Free Credit 

 Last updated 29th January 2019